Hair Care

The hair care range of Precious Cosmetics

are formulated keeping in mind the exacting tastes of hairdressers, salons and spas that want to offer only the best for their clients. Your reputation hinges on the quality of products that you use to clean, nourish and style the hair.
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Hair Styling Products
  • Volumizing Products
  • Hair Gels
  • Hair Spray

Precious Cosmetics private label hair care products

You are in complete control of all the ingredients that go into Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels, Hair Sprays, Volumizers and, other styling products.

By creating a custom blend that leaves your clients’ hair and scalp healthy, nourished and bouncy, you set yourself apart from the rest of the competition who merely pick products off-the-shelf.

Tested and approved by some of the most demanding hairdressers in the country, our professional hair care formulations are sure to leave your clients impressed and delighted.

We offer a range of shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair sprays, volumizers and styling products. All our products are made for professional use.

Please get in touch with us for details on how we can help you create your own range of hair care products.